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My philosophy


  • I believe that there is no single right way to counsel an individual since each person who seeks help is unique and therefore, will respond differently to various helping approaches. My aim is to help facilitate you in identifying and developing unused potential and/or missed opportunities. We can achieve this  by developing your inner resources and overcoming blocks in your personal growth; increasing your self-awareness; determining the direction of the therapy and by putting you (and not the therapist) at the centre of the therapy.
  • I believe that human beings have a need to be interdependent, to belong, to be accepted and to have meaning in their lives.
  • I believe that early attachments with our caregivers influence our interactions and assumptions about others. Being loved and nurtured in childhood helps to develop a more secure sense of self in adulthood.
  • I believe that human beings’ survival instincts make them adaptable and creative.
  • I believe that an individual can choose to change their responses or reactions to the world and that each person is responsible for his or her own life and the decisions they make and their actions.