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I understand that choosing the right counsellor can be a challenging task. There are so many different techniques to choose from that it can seem daunting. However it is probably the quality of the working relationship between the counsellor and the client - based on trust, acceptance and empathic understanding - that is far more important than the counselling method used.

What is counselling?

Counselling occurs when you  choose to see a counsellor in a safe, private and confidential setting to explore a current difficulty that has arisen in your life. It may well be that you are feeling distressed right now or perhaps you are experiencing a general dissatisfaction with certain aspects of your life.  A Counsellor is a skilled listener bound up by the ethics of confidentiality. Althought a good friend can listen, a Counsellor is trained to help you look at yourself objectively and identify more hidden issues that lie beneath the surface that may be contributing to your problems right now. These hidden issues can be referred to as our "Blind spots."

What happens in the counselling session?

By listening attentively and patiently, the counsellor can begin to perceive the difficulties from your point of view and can help you to see things more clearly, possibly from a slightly different and more objective angle. Counselling is a way of facilitating choice or change or reducing confusion. It helps you to face up to and confront your difficulties, acknowledge them, manage them better and take appropriate steps forward to move on in your life. 

In counselling, the relationship between the client and the counsellor is an essential part of the process. As trust builds up, the Counsellor will encourage you to look at aspects of your life and your relationship with yourself. There may not be an obvious reason for your problems since the cause of the pain or distress you are feeling may be deeply hidden. Perhpas you have bottled up your feelings so much that they are making you feel depressed, exhausted or hopeless. As your Counsellor I will encourage you to express these feelings, making them easier for you to understand objectively.


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